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Mike Clark ~ 02/18/1950 - 10/10/2010  We Love You Daddy!

A righteous man cares for
the needs of his animal...
Proverbs 12:10

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God has made us different,
he made us so unique.
We slither on the ground,
we have no hands and feet.
Though you find us scary,
or maybe just plain weird,
our intentions are not to hurt you
or cause you such great fear.
Our venom's not meant for humans
but to help us when we eat.
So, please stop the senseless killing
before we're all extinct.
We're not saying you have to love us
or tell us we're the best.
God's the one who created us.
So, treat us with respect.

written by Sarah Clark
for Southeastern Reptile Rescue



Fears are educated into us
and can, if we wish,
be educated out.
-Karl A. Merringer

The snake is an animal.
It has a backbone and a heart.
It has red blood.
It drinks water and eats food.
It breathes air and feels fear
just like every other
animal in the world.
And, it's in a body that's
the hardest thing
for the average
person to understand.

 The Reptile Wagon 

In addition to seminars, our Reptile Wagon allows us to offer Native Snake Displays. These displays offer a wide variety of native reptiles to choose from including gopher tortoises, alligators and several species of snakes. Animals on display are kept in locked cages that provide up close, safe viewing for guests. Harmless snakes, tortoises and alligators are made available to attendees for hands on experiences. Our display is manned by reptile professionals who make themselves available to answer the many questions that such a display creates. Contact us for more information and pricing for your event. 

Common Snapping Turtle in the Reptile Wagon's Aquatic Tank
Locks - one of the most important parts of housing snakes.Copperhead in its enclosure inside The Reptile Wagon
The Reptile Wagon's animal exhibits are all designed to mimic
the habit of each individual species. Come and check out how
well the snakes of your area blend in to their environment.

Southeastern Reptile Rescue would like to say thank you
to the following sponsors of The Reptile Wagon.


Set up requirements for The Reptile Wagon is pictured below.
There is a minimum area requirement of 55' X 30'.

It is also required that there be three standard 110 volt
outlets located within 50' of the setup location.

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