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Snake Man theme song
by Carman Clark

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God has made us different,
he made us so unique.
We slither on the ground,
we have no hands and feet.
Though you find us scary,
or maybe just plain weird,
our intentions are not to hurt you
or cause you such great fear.
Our venom's not meant for humans
but to help us when we eat.
So, please stop the senseless killing
before we're all extinct.
We're not saying you have to love us
or tell us we're the best.
God's the one who created us.
So, treat us with respect.

written by Sarah Clark
for Southeastern Reptile Rescue



Fears are educated into us
and can, if we wish,
be educated out.
-Karl A. Merringer

A righteous man cares for
the needs of his animal...
Proverbs 12:10

The snake is an animal.
It has a backbone and a heart.
It has red blood.
It drinks water and eats food.
It breathes air and feels fear
just like every other
animal in the world.
And, it's in a body that's
the hardest thing
for the average
person to understand.

 Our Timber Rattlesnakes 

Medusa - Was captured in South Georgia when she was just a baby in 1998. She was then raised by her owner until she reached a length of about four feet. Medusa's owner then contacted us and asked if we could take her because she was too big for him to handle. Medusa was a very nervous snake when we first got her. Anytime we took her out of her cage she would strike violently at anything that moved and would try her best to get away. She is now close to six feet long and has calmed down considerably and does just fine outside the cage.  

Pinkie - Was owned by a teenager in South Georgia. He decided that he was not invincible and didn't want to die. He gave us Pinkie who has a nice pink color throughout her body. Pinkie was about three feet long and was very dehydrated and malnourished. She is now healthy as an ox is over four feet long.

Igloo - Was brought to us by a man who showed up at one of our educational displays. The man carried a blue igloo cooler and told me he had a rattlesnake inside. Most people would consider this an act of terrorism. Me, I thought it was a nice gift.

Firecracker - As a man in Central Georgia drove down the dirt road to his home, he ran over what appeared to be a piece of trash. He backed up to check it out and found Firecracker. Firecracker is one of only 2 albino timber rattlesnakes ever found in the state of Georgia. Firecracker was about 10" long when he was given to us and was eating day old baby mice. Firecracker is now three feet long and eats small rats.


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