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Snake Man theme song
by Carman Clark

All Snake Killers
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God has made us different,
he made us so unique.
We slither on the ground,
we have no hands and feet.
Though you find us scary,
or maybe just plain weird,
our intentions are not to hurt you
or cause you such great fear.
Our venom's not meant for humans
but to help us when we eat.
So, please stop the senseless killing
before we're all extinct.
We're not saying you have to love us
or tell us we're the best.
God's the one who created us.
So, treat us with respect.

written by Sarah Clark
for Southeastern Reptile Rescue



Fears are educated into us
and can, if we wish,
be educated out.
-Karl A. Merringer

A righteous man cares for
the needs of his animal...
Proverbs 12:10

The snake is an animal.
It has a backbone and a heart.
It has red blood.
It drinks water and eats food.
It breathes air and feels fear
just like every other
animal in the world.
And, it's in a body that's
the hardest thing
for the average
person to understand.

 Snorkeling North Florida 

North Florida is home to a beautiful river that shall remain nameless because not too many tourists know about it and I'd like to keep it that way. Unless you are from the area or just know where you are going, you'll probably never find this palce. It's a river that has crystal clear water and is approximately 68 degrees all year round which makes it hard to get into unless it's really hot outside. A few times each year, Sarah and I try to find time to do a little snorkeling and one of the places we always end up is here. Supposedly, there are alligators in the water but I have never had the pleasure of spotting one. Manatees populate the river in winter by the thousands. Fish and turtles are abundant and since it is fresh water there is not too much worry about shark attacks. Every where you swim there are bass, bluegill bream, grass carp, alligator gar and turtles galore gliding right along side you. Sarah became quite good at chasing turtles under water. She would sometimes surface with one in each hand! A few areas around the banks are kinda murky so we satyed out of there. In spots, the water would be 4'-5' deep and then drop 20'-30'. But, you could always clearly see the bottom just like a swimming pool. It is in these deep areas that you can see turtles resting on the bottom that look much bigger that car tires. We were constantly looking for gators, especially when the current would carry you into patches of tall under water grass. Unfortunately, we saw no alliagtors. Better luck next time.

Sarah with a fresh catch.
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